Supplier Support

Here to support local businesses further Rutland Brides offer extended services to support to you as a supplier. We know how hard it is to juggle the so many different areas of a business, so we are here to provide marketing support services and guidance.

Services we offer are provided by our founders here at Rutland Brides, who are qualified in their specialities (Design + Marketing) coordinated through Frost Marketing, based in Rutland. Simply get in touch for any advice, support or guidance you may need, there is absolutely no obligation by enquiring. We don't want you to go it alone so having that extra sounding board or helping pair of hands just takes that little piece of pressure away. Whether it is marketing, social media, website, branding or design support simply get in touch.


Take a look below at the marketing services offered and of course any questions for us, get in touch here.


Extended Support Services

Marketing Advice



Digital Marketing

Content Creation


Marketing, where do you start! From advertising to public relations, internal to external marketing, above and below the line, what does it all mean! Friendly marketing advice or mentoring, or maybe you need someone as your marketing manager, don't go it along, there is support for you. 

Brand Logos

Style Guides

Brand Packs

Brand Consistency



Your brand should really reflect who you are, all the way through your business whether it is internal or external. If you are not quite sure if you have everything right, or looking for a re-fresh consider looking at your branding to help make your business shine. 

Building a website  

Website Review

Google Analytics

Web Content



Websites are just so important now, more than ever! Are you in need of your own website, or a point in the right direction of how to improve your current site. Or maybe you have heard about Google Analytics but have no clue what it is or what you need to do, consider website services to really push your brand out there. 




Content Plans


Social Media

Social media across the wedding industry is just so active, constantly moving and changing. It can be such a struggle finding the time to think of what to post or even actioning those posts, not even considering if there is a strategy to it all! There are social media services which can support you.


Graphic Design



Business Cards


Make your business stand out with beautiful design. Whether it is a re-fresh your design or finally get all of those brochures finished. Design shows off you as a business so make sure you really stand out.