The Dilemma, Who to invite to your wedding!

It’s a difficult decision choosing who to invite to your big day! It can cause such a headache and be a much debated subject.

To help you a little with this we have we have added our top tips.

1. Immediate family

Begin writing the list just with you partner, starting with your immediate family [Parents, Grandparents, Brothers/Sisters and all their partners and children, including those close family members who see regularly and need to be there [Aunts, Uncles and Cousins]

2. Distant family

Next look at adding names of your distant relatives especially those who you do tend to keep in touch more often. This is where it becomes tricky knowing where the cut off should be and where friends can seem a closer connection. Talk through together it's ultimately your decision, but ask for advice from your close family if you think a decision could cause a family fallout.

3. Friends

Write a list of the friends that are the closest to you, possibly childhood friends, neighbours, university friends or those important people who your wedding just wouldn't be the same without. Remember if you don't feel they should be invited to the entire day, theres always the evening!

4. Work Colleagues Depending on how long your have worked at the company may direct your decision on who to invite, it can be especially difficult knowing where to make the cut. If your unsure of inviting your work colleagues inviting them to the evening reception is a great option. It’s is also becoming more common to not invite their patners. especially if you have never met them before.

5. Plus Ones

It is aways difficult to know whether to add a plus one, adding these can increase your guest list quite significantly. Consider if a guest is in a serious relationship (dating for a period of time, living together, engaged etc) their partner should be invited. However you may need to make a call on currently single guests.

6. Family Friends/ Friends of Parents

Your are always going to be expected to invite those family friends who you have grown up with. It is always best to discuss with both families to make sure you have included everyone you need, whether they are day or evening.

7. Children

Knowing where to draw the line on children can be difficult, it starts with the decision if you would prefer an adults only wedding, or would enjoy little ones there for the celebration. Depending on family circumstances there may be no option to not invite children, but it is a good idea to make this decision early and communicate clearly to ensure this does not cause too many problems and alter the dynamics of the day.

As always make sure you have considered your guest list in relation to the size of your wedding venue, and of course your budget! It is often considered a good idea to create your guest list before visiting potential venues.