Let's start wedding planning!

You're Engaged Congratulations!! Let's start planning your big day!

First things first you need to make some key decisions:

- The type of ceremony you would like

- The wedding theme

- Colour scheme

- And some initial date ideas / the preferred season

The next step is determining your wedding budget, considering what you will be able to afford, this can be stressful at first but by answering some key questions will be one step closer to making your special day happen, consider - Who will be paying for the wedding? How much is actually needed for the wedding? And how much do you need to save for the wedding?

It's a great idea to set up a separate wedding bank account for all your wedding outgoings. This will help you keep an eye on and track wedding spend easily. Taking out wedding insurance can also help give you peace of mind and isn't as costly as people may think!

Next it's a great idea to start writing down together a draft guest list. You will probably get anyone and everyone thinking that they are going to be invited to your wedding, but in most cases that just isn't realistic. Consider would you like a big or intimate wedding? Does that distant relative who you haven't spoken to in years really need to be invited?

Researching where you think you would like to get married is an exciting step, maybe you have somewhere in mind already! Review the options and book to visit potential venues to confirm your choice. It's always a good idea when visiting a venue to go with a checklist to make sure you cover all the important areas - Is the venue within your budget? Can they can accommodate the number of guests you are likely to attend? Alternatively is the venue too big for the size of your wedding party? Most venues have this information on their websites so make sure you check them out.

Do you picture a church wedding or a civil ceremony? If you opt for a church wedding you will need to arrange to meet the vicar and to make sure your chosen date is free. Don't forget to consider how far the reception venue is from your church, to ensure this will not have too much of an impact on timings on the big day. If you are looking to marry within a church outside of your local parish, don't forget you will need to make sure you are able to marry in that chosen area, give yourself enough time to talk through with the vicar.

Pinterest is a great research resource for ideas, alternatively there is the good old fashioned scrapbook, begin to Pin or make notes to build up a visual of all the things you like for your big day. Consider what is going to be realistic for your in terms of cost, there are so many ideas on Pinterest which can be overwhelming at first, you often need to scoop it back a little and focus to a clearer idea of what you want and what you need.

Purchasing a wedding planning journal might sound like an unnecessary expense but they end up being a great place for you to document all your wedding notes and information. Hands up if you're one of those people who's phone is just full up on notes saved all over the place, you really don't want to be losing your important wedding details. Wedding planner journals are also super lovely to look back on in years to come, we're a sucker for things like that!

Now you know the first steps, let's start that planning journey! If you are in need of venue or supplier inspiration don't forget to visit our Directory.